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Join Bob Jenkins, author of The Battle of Peach Tree Creek: Hood's First Sortie, and Norman Dasinger, as they lead us through the combat of two of Atlanta's principal battles which detemined the fate of The Gate City, and with it, the Confederacy.

Mar 30, 2017 - Apr 1, 2017
Robert D. Jenkins, Sr.

The second day’s fighting at Gettysburg was probably the critical engagement of that greatest of all battles in the American Civil War. As the Army of Northern Virginia smashed into the Army of the Potomac, the Union defenses held valiantly and eventually succeeded in beating back the Confederate assaults and deprived Robert E. Lee of victory.

Our tour will detail these hard fought actions of July 2, 1863.

Apr 22, 2017 - Apr 23, 2017
Gary Kross

For a couple of weeks in February 1862, the attention of the nation was riveted on two isolated Confederate fortifications in west Tennessee. The weakest link of Confederate general Albert Sidney Johnston’s defensive line in the west, Forts Henry and Donelson were ripe for invasion if only the Federals could muster the courage to take advantage of them. Enter Ulysses S. Grant.

May 4, 2017 - May 6, 2017
Timothy B. Smith
Jackson's Valley Campaign, Ecelbarger, Civil War Tour, Stonewall,

This Saturday, May 20 tour, led by the leading expert, Gary Ecelbarger – “the man who wrote the book” - will follow the footsteps of Jackson and his army over historic terrain rarely viewed by organized groups. We will explore the small but vicious killing fields at Front Royal, Buckton Station, Fairview, Middletown and Newtown (today's Stephens City). In addition, we will stand on and near the heretofore forgotten Valley crossroads where on-the-spot decisions altered the length, course, and momentum of the campaign. This includes stops at Asbury Chapel, Double Tollgate, Cedarville and Milltown. When all is said and done, each participant will leave with a comprehensive understanding of the Heart of the Valley Campaign.

May 20, 2017
Gary Ecelbarger

With Thomas A. Reinhart and John R. Maass (Wednesday 7:30 PM-Saturday 5:00 PM) – includes 3 lunches, Friday dinner and an excursion by ferry boat to St. Michaels.

Registration Fee: $595

Jun 14, 2017 - Jun 17, 2017
Thomas Reinhart

Based in Lake George, NY

A Field & Walking Tour of sites at Lake George, Siege of Fort William Henry and  Massacre (Last of the Mohicans), Crown Point, The Battle of Fort Carillon, Lake Champlain-Valcour Island, Fort Ticonderoga, Hubbarton and Bennington, Vermont, and the two battles of Saratoga, based in Lake George, NY with Scott C. Patchan

Full Description, Schedule, & Itinerary to be Announced Soon

Sep 13, 2017 - Sep 17, 2017
Scott C. Patchan

Based in Strasburg, VA

Full Description, Schedule, & Itinerary to be Announced Soon

Oct 13, 2017 - Oct 14, 2017
Scott C. Patchan

Based in Vicksburg, Mississippi

with Terry Winchell & Timothy B. Smith


Nov 1, 2017 - Nov 4, 2017
Terrence J. Winschel
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