On Friday evening, October 9, 2015, in Winchester, Virginia, during the CWEA's annual Shenandoah Valley Civil War Institute gathering, David Kerns, of Winchester, became the recipient of the CWEA's most prestigious award, given for exceptional, longstanding volunteer contributions of service to our organization. CWEA president Bob Maher made the award presentation and Shenandoah Valley Civil War Institute co-directors Stephen Lee Ritchie (left above) and Brandon H. Beck (right above) offered testimonials to David's worthiness.

David began serving as a volunteer for the CWEA in 1995, and over the past 20 years, has helped manage dozens of tours across the country, building a reputation as an "iron man" - steady and dependable through thick and thin.

In the early years of the CWEA, Colonel Benjamin and Louise Moore of Butler, Georgia were the CWEA's foremost ambassadors of fellowship and goodwill. After their passing, the CWEA established this award in their names to honor those who make exceptional contributions of service to the CWEA.

Previous award recipients have been Wallace R. Hoppe in 2006, and Henry P. Trawick, Jr. in 2012.