Controversial and Compelling!

In the spring of 1861, Colonel Thomas J. Jackson contrived and executed a brilliant scheme to “appropriate” locomotives, rail cars and other equipment from the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in northern Virginia. The result was an episode in the War Between the States, the logistics of which amazed officials on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line. Some historians have disputed whether this amazing episode ever happened – but evidence continues to reveal that it did.

Join us as CWEA hosts the The 4th Annual Gathering of the Shenandoah Valley Civil War Institute and our team of Civil War and railroad historians, Brandon Beck, Stephen Lee Ritchie, and Roy C. "Chip" Cather, present the evidence. On Friday evening, following a sumptuous dinner, we'll have presentations and discussion of Jackson's Great Train Raid and, on Saturday we visit the sites where the events unfolded.   

Learn all about this exciting autumn weekend program HERE then JOIN US as we focus on this important but often overlooked event in Shenandoah Valley Civil War history.