Our History and Who We Are

Civil War Education Association (CWEA) was founded in May, 1994 as a successor organization to another group founded in 1991. The CWEA’s mission is to enhance the memory and further the understanding of the American Civil War through educational programs for adults and youth.

American History Forum (AHF) was created in September, 2002 to present programs on chapters of American history other than the Civil War. Together, the CWEA and AHF have, to date, have presented 563 seminars, symposia, conferences, workshops and tours on American History. These include:

  • 9 Civil War History Camps for High School Students – based in Chevy Chase, MD; Emmitsburg, MD & Winchester, VA
  • 26 annual Civil War symposia in Sarasota, Florida
  • Abraham Lincoln conferences in Springfield, IL (3) and Rosslyn, VA (1)
  • Robert E. Lee symposia in Lexington, VA (2) and in Fredericksburg, VA (1)
  • 13 annual World War II conferences in Sarasota, FL
  • 7 annual World War I conferences in Sarasota, FL
  • 1 annual Native American history conference in Sarasota, FL
  • 3 annual American Revolutionary War conferences in New Jersey
  • 3 conferences on American railroads
  • Civil War conferences in St. Louis, MO (2); Austin, TX (1); Hartford, CT (2); West Palm Beach, FL (4) and Winchester, VA (7)
  • World War II tours of Normandy (3), the Battle of the Bulge (2), and Sicily & Italy (1)
  • “Great Cities of American History” tours – of New Orleans, Charleston, Savannah (2), Santa Fe, New York City, Louisville, Mobile and Atlanta
  • Workshops on How to Conduct Historical Research and How to Get Published
  • Hundreds of tours throughout the U.S - of the Civil War, colonial America, French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, Lewis and Clark, other western explorers, Little Big Horn, Seminole Indian wars, other American Indian wars, the War of 1812, railroads, and various other aspects of American history

In 1996, the CWEA co-founded The Lincoln Forum and hosted the Forum’s first annual conference in Gettysburg.

In October, 2014, the CWEA founded The Shenandoah Valley Civil War Institute and hosted its first annual conference & tour in Winchester, Virginia.

In July, 2015, the CWEA founded The Robert E. Lee Fellowship and hosted the Fellowship's first annual gathering - in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Over the years, the CWEA has endeavored to support historic preservation, and has hosted various fund-raising efforts for the Brandy Station Foundation, the Kernstown Battlefield Association and the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, and, the CWEA has raised and provided scholarship funds for students to attend its history camps and other programs.

As it begins its 27th year, the CWEA/American History Forum continues to present high-quality programs to as many men, women and young people as possible – to help enhance the memory and further the understanding of American history.


P O Box 78, Winchester, VA 22604

phone: 800-298-1861 or 540-678-8598

fax: 800-550-1347 or 540-667-2339

e-mail: cwea@earthlink.net

website: www.cwea.net


Robert Maher -  Founder & President

Richard Kauffman - Tour Manager, Website & Facebook Administrator

Gary Nelson - IT Manager

Chad Jacobs – European Tour Manager

Valerie J. Smith - Program Developer & Tour Manager

Keith Kehlbeck - Tour Manager

David Kerns – Tour Manager

Norman Dasinger, Jr. - Tour Manager

Denise Dasinger - Tour Associate

Karl Greeley - Tour Associate

Chip Cather - Tour Associate

Janice McKay – Sarasota Symposium Coordinator