In the Spring of 1864 as the war entered its fourth year, the crisis reached critical mass.  With Grant and Lee stalemated in Virginia and with no appreciable progress in other theaters of the war, all eyes turned to Georgia where the second largest stage of the war became the center stage.  The Northern force was led by the capable and restless General William T. Sherman...

In June 1781, the commander of the British forces invading Virginia, Lt. Gen. Charles, Lord Cornwallis, hit upon a plan he thought would help knock Virginia out of the war and cripple Patriot military efforts in the South. While he moved his main army west from the Richmond area to destroy rebel supply depots in the James River Valley, he ordered his young, hard-hitting...

The second day’s fighting at Gettysburg was probably the critical engagement of that greatest of all battles in the American Civil War. As the Army of Northern Virginia smashed into the Army of the Potomac, the Union defenses held valiantly and eventually succeeded in beating back the Confederate assaults and deprived Robert E. Lee of victory.

Our tour will detail these hard...

We are pleased to announce a comprehensive tour of Chancellorsville! And leading it will be the Chancellorsville expert Bob Krick, who was responsible for the battlefield site for more than thirty years. This tour should greatly please those who have never toured Chancellorsville, as well as those who have been there even many times before - because Krick...

For a couple of weeks in February 1862, the attention of the nation was riveted on two isolated Confederate fortifications in west Tennessee. The weakest link of Confederate general Albert Sidney Johnston’s defensive line in the west, Forts Henry and Donelson were ripe for invasion if only the Federals could muster the courage to take advantage of them. Enter Ulysses S. Grant.


The summer and fall of 1862 saw the Confederacy at its apex in the eastern theater of war. Similarly in the west the southern forces outmaneuvered the Federal Army of the Ohio and invaded the Commonwealth of Kentucky. After Edmund Kirby Smith scored one of the most complete victories of the war at Richmond in late August, the armies under Braxton Bragg and Don Carlos Buell raced towards...

We enthusiastically announce our 2017 Gettysburg All-Star Conference & Tour, which promises to be outstanding! Designed for serious yet fun-loving students of the Gettysburg Campaign, our program will include half-day battlefield tours on Friday morning (Cemetery Hill), Saturday afternoon (Cemetery Hill continued) and Sunday morning (Evergreen...

With Thomas A. Reinhart and John R. Maass (Wednesday 7:30 PM-Saturday 5:00 PM) – includes 3 lunches, Friday dinner and an excursion by ferry boat to St. Michaels.

Registration Fee: $595

Itinerary and Lodging information to be announced shortly.

ROBERT E. LEE - no general in American history has attracted so much attention and adoration. Dwight D. Eisenhower described him as a man "unsullied as I read the pages of our history." Winston Churchill said Lee was "one of the noblest Americans who ever lived, and one of the greatest captains known to the annals of war."

On Thursday evening...

We thought about creating an event such as this for a long time – a corollary to our annual Sarasota, Florida symposium in January – a program in an appealing place at which folks could learn much about Civil War history from top authorities, while making friends, dining well, browsing books, and the like. Sarasota has the warm, white sands of Lido Beach in the throes of winter...

We’re Kicking Off our Gettysburg Tour Season in Style!

for The Second Day: Sites Seldom Seen

A full day of touring on Saturday, with a hearty buffet dinner and lively discussions on Saturday evening at the charming Dobbin House Tavern.  On Sunday, we’ll leisurely continue our tour.

Enroll now to join Gary Kross and the CWEA crew for this rollicking special adventure!

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   Most Jackson Valley tours favor 1st Kernstown, McDowell, Cross Keys and Port Republic, skipping over the exciting actions at Front Royal, Buckton Station, Fairview, Middletown, Newtown (today's Stephens City), and Winchester. Our Saturday, May 20 tour will cover the latter, in great deal, fortified by excellent maps.


Join us for this rare opportunity to tour with Robert K. Krick as he leads our 2 day tour, Lee and Jackson at Chancellorsville, April 27-29. Interest is high and this tour is selling fast!

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