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What can we make of the myriad, strange phenomena, witnessed and reported over many years by men, women and children of all backgrounds while visiting the battlefield at Gettysburg?  Apparitions, fires, the slamming of doors in battlefield buildings, mysterious muzzle flashes – can all of these be satisfactorily explained within our modern world-view? Do spirits exist, and if so,...

Many of us fondly recall the 1956 movie, The Great Locomotive Chase, starring Fess Parker as James J. Andrews. Now, here is the tour.

On April 12, 1862, James Andrews and a band of Union spies stole the locomotive, The General, from under the watchful eyes of guards at Big Shanty, Georgia and set out for Chattanooga, in an...

Over the past quarter century, our organization has presented programs on almost every era and aspect of American History except NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY. But in January, on the warm, white sands of Lido Beach in Florida, we will begin to redress that, at the first annual Sarasota Native American History Conference – and what an exciting new chapter this...

The Sarasota, Florida Civil War Symposium is widely acclaimed as the premier Civil War conference in the country - because of its stellar faculty, spirited attendees, comfortable ambiance and alluring location on the warm white sands of Lido Beach. Since its inception in 1993, the symposium has enjoyed robust attendance and hatched many enduring friendships....

We thought about creating an event such as this for a long time – a corollary to our annual Sarasota, Florida symposium in January – a program in an appealing place at which folks could learn much about Civil War history from top authorities, while making friends, dining well, browsing books, and the like. Sarasota has the warm, white sands of Lido Beach in the throes of winter...

“The moment I saw the brilliant proud morning rise high over the desert of Santa Fe, something stood still in my soul. New Mexico was the greatest experience from the outside world that I ever had. It certainly changed me forever.” – D. H. Lawrence

New Mexico is rightly named “The Land of Enchantment.”  The...


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  • ANNAPOLIS "Great Cities Tour" Added to 2017 Schedule + an expanded Shenandoah Valley Conference & Tour now scheduled:

  • Here are some photos from our French and Indian War Tour!

    CLICK HERE for shots from "The French & Indian War in Western...

  • Back by Popular Demand - UNSEEN GETTYSBURG

    A tour designed and led by the legendary Gary Kross – on Saturday, October 29 (Halloween Weekend). This will not be a silly canned “...


    Complete symposium information is available HERE....


The William Woods Hassler Award

  • Honoring individuals who make especially meritorious contributions to the field of Civil War education.

The Benjamin and Louise Moore Award

  • Awarded to honor those who have made contributions of exceptional service to our organization.

The Donald A. Weiland Spirit of Gettysburg Award

  • Presented periodically to an individual or individuals for exceptional contributions of goodwill and support during CWEA Gettysburg tours.

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The base camp for our long planned annual Civil War Summer Symposium, beginning in August, 2017 at Spring Mill State Historic Park – a sylvan setting, family friendly, affordable, and a WORLD CLASS FACULTY OF HISTORIANS. Do four things please:


   January 17 - 18, 2017 on Lido Beach


AFTER-ACTION REPORT: SHILOH Tour: April 28-30, 2016

A spirited group of 54 men and women, including 2 from the United Kingdom, gathered in Corinth, MS, on Thursday evening, April 28 for the opening gathering of our Shiloh program. Lead historian Timothy B. Smith provided a masterful overview of the campaign.